Crypto coming out party without the drama

Text anybody money with the only platform purpose-built from the ground up for hard-working P2P communities everywhere.

Give it up for Syoolah Notes

Syoolah Notes are affordable Bitcoin hardware wallets that are as easy to use as cash - just touch a note with an NFC-enabled smartphone to verify assets and available funds.

Crypto Reimagined for the Global Sharing Economy

Do more with your current account - start streaming crypto today with Satoshi Notes that riders and house guests can redeem for hard-earned cash everywhere ridesharing is available.

It's like having a blockchain-in-your-pocket that's more secure than credit cards and more fun than sprinkles!

Text anyone money on Whatsapp

Unlimited bearer-asset streaming.

Instant cross-border payments.

Tap-to-Pay with Social Sats and split the bill with friends.

Get cash payouts hand delivered to your home or office everywhere ridesharing is available.

No Bank Account Required

AbuCash runs on the Bitcoin Lightning Network

No mnemonic keys or cumbersome wallets to figure out - simply Tap-to-Send and Tap-to-Redeem notes on NFC-enabled mobile phones

All transfers are instant and immutable to hacker exploits thanks to elliptical curve cryptography - the highest level of encryption available.

How it Works?

Share location

Request Cash Pickup - same way you book a ride with Uber - and the nearest teller will arrive at your home or office to deliver notes in requested denominations.

Snap a Selfie for KYC

Snap a selfie for KYC compliance and with a couple more taps, funds are on their way - instantly available for door-to-door delivery in 1000 cities worldwide.

Redeem Online

Or sign up with a bank account to lift P2P limits and redeem your pin code right away!

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